Learning to Run


Although my favorite movie of all time is Iron Man #1 (yes, I do want to be Tony Stark, or Elon Musk… he’s close enough at this point), I don’t agree with one of his most memorable quotes – “Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.”

Unfortunately, in real life, babies don’t hit the ground running. As I’ve recently learned from Liam, it’s more of a progression from simply lifting their head, turning over, crawling, to eventually walking, and only much later is running in the mix. This is true for most things really, well, any situation I can think of.

It’s true for SparqEE too. We need to start working our way forward, from the ground up. It’s not practical to expect to waltz into a VC’s office and be offered a $1M to work on your product… believe me, I’ve tried, it doesn’t work no matter how good your idea is.turtle

If you want to be funded you’ve either got to 1) have past successes or 2) have somebody of HIGH reputation on your team. The first is just a counter-intuitive chicken-egg scenario while the second is often impractical.

So how then? Well, we’re going after #1, but we’re going to do it from the ground up – a Kickstarter project to get our initial financing and then explode forward from there.

The Journey begins August 20, 2013 at 11am!