Why SparqEE?


As I sit here watching the Colbert Report I’m reminded of why we started SparqEE.

SparqEE was founded on the same basis of George W. Bush’s 3rd and 4th, I mean Obama’s 1st and 2nd, presidential campaign promise of “Change.” Except in our case, we’re actually executing our campaign promise!

many small light bulbs equal big oneWe know that businesses and technology can Change the world for the better – for the benefit of mankind while being better for everyone involved. SparqEE welcomes any motivated persons out there who want to make great technology and be rewarded for it – we get everyone’s skin in the game by sharing in the fruits of our labor through shared equity!

This isn’t your daddy’s corporation where only the execs get rich… we all share in the benefits of our company, while sharing the benefits of our company with the world.

Stay tuned for the exciting innovations SparqEE has in store!

Chris Higgins